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The Global Alliance for Tax Justice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2021

“There is no enduring peace without social justice, and no social justice without tax justice.” – Dereje Alemayehu, Executive Coordinator of the Global Alliance for Tax Justice.

This week, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ), of which Tax Justice Europe is the European Branch, and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Click here for the press release published by GATJ.

Vaccines and Health: Universal Rights and Justice

There is an urgent need to remedy the catastrophic moral bankruptcy of an unjust world in which vaccines and health are not guaranteed to all the inhabitants of the Earth.

On Monday 18 January, the Director-General of the WHO declared forcefully and courageously: ‘The world is on the brink of catastrophic moral bankruptcy’. He denounced the world’s rich and powerful states and the global pharmaceutical companies for not fulfilling the commitments they made back in March to provide access to vaccines and anti-Covid19 treatments for all, « leaving no one behind », as they proclaimed in unison.

Read the important article by the Agora of the Earth’s Inhabitants

Workshop on social justice at virtual WSF

If you want to see or listen to our interesting workshop at the virtual WSF, 28 Jan 2021:

Workshop at virtual WSF ‘Social Justice’ – please register


lo invitamos a unirse al seminario web Zoom.
Cuándo: 28 ene. 2021 08:00 a. m. Ciudad de México, 2 pm UTC
Tema: Panel Justicia Social: principio y objetivo de la transformacion social, en FSM2021

Please register here:

Luego de la inscripción, recibirá un correo electrónico de confirmación con información para unirse al seminario web.

You will receive the direct link to the meeting once registered.

Social Justice at virtual WSF

Social Justice at virtual WSF

Social Justice at WSF: Programme of Central Conference






28 enero 2021 8 am to 11 am hora de Mexico/ 3 pm a 6 pm hora de Bruselas/ 2 pm a 5 pm UCT

Cada panel tendrá dos rondas de intervenciones – 8-10 minutos para cada panelista… luego preguntas del público y luego 3-5 minutos finales de cada panelista … en el límite de una hora por panel… la idea es apuntar elementos para una agenda de transformaciones en la perspectiva de las convergencias de formulaciones y luchas a desarrollar en 2021 – organizar las preguntas claves y alinear las respuestas hasta ahora identificadas.

Moderadores: Francine Mestrum y Kamal Lahbib Lees verder

Concept note for WSF Social Justice Major conference

In three languages: Eng/Esp/French






Social protection, social security, social commons, poverty reduction, basic income … many proposals have been put on the agenda in recent decades, throughout the world, for inclusion and to improve people’s living conditions. Whichever solution we choose, for progressive social movements, the goal must be the universal application, for all, of social rights: health, food, education, housing, decent work, social protection throughout the lifetime. In other words, a society and a policy that puts social justice as one of its central axes, as a constituent element of the pact between citizens and between citizens and the state. As a moral, ethical, political and legal basis to regulate the production and distribution of wealth, in a manner consistent with the universal principles and values ​​of social and environmental justice. Lees verder

Social Justice: Principle and Objective of SocialTransformation

Time runs fast! This year, 2021, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Social Forum!

Started in 2001 in Porto Alegre, this gathering of progressive social movements and NGOs has become the meeting place for discussing our alternatives, for looking at the past with its neoliberal policies, at the present with its even worse austerity policies and at the future where we hope some or all of our alternatives can become reality.

For social justice, the COVID crisis has a silver lining: however bad the situation may be, there is no one anymore to deny the urgent necessity of universal social protection, with health care and income guarantees.

But also the inextricable link with the necessity for clean water and air to breathe! Never before has the link between social justice and environmental justice been so crystal clear!

These are the points that we will be discuss at the World Social Forum! Global Social Justice organizes the major panel of the thematic space for social justice, together with our friends from the World Social Forum on Health and Social Security.

This panel will take place on January 28, at 3 pm Brussels time, till 6 pm Brussels time (2 to 5 pm UCT). We have invited important personalities, such as Olivier De Schutter, Riccardo Petrella, Aminata Traoré, Armando de Negri, Isabel Ortiz, Ayuba Wabba and several others.

Do not miss this opportunity!

If you are interested in other topics, do look at the programme at or join the different activities at

More details about our activities will be published on this website:

Our ac tivities will have simultaneous interpretation in three languages: English, Spanish and French.

And yes, I should have mentioned before: COVID does oblige us to organise everything online. But the results of all the different activities will be discussed all along 2021 so that we can meet for real beginning of 2022, most probably in México.

Francine Mestrum


Re-defining the agenda for social justice – our new book!

Re-define the Agenda for Social Justice:

Re-defining social justice – flyer.pdf


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