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Democratize and decommodify work!

Working humans are so much more than “resources.” This is one of the central lessons of the current crisis. Caring for the sick; delivering food, medication, and other essentials; clearing away our waste; stocking the shelves and running the registers in our grocery stores – the people who have kept life going through the COVID-19 pandemic are living proof that work cannot be reduced to a mere commodity.

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The Violence of Social Inequality

Thomas Piketty on how the coronacrisis is exposing social inequalities

Read the interview in Democracy Now

1 May: if not now, than when?

Nearly half of global workforce at risk of losing livelihoods

The latest ILO data on the labour market impact of the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the devastating effect on workers in the informal economy and on hundreds of millions of enterprises worldwide.

Read the press Release of the ILO

COVID-19 and Human Rights

The containment measures, whether full lockdown or partial confinement, gradually put in place by nearly every government around the world in response to the Covid-19 pandemic that has been under way for some months, have shown – if it was not already obvious – just how important it is to observe and effectively implement all human rights (civil, political, economic, social and cultural), even as it has brought to light numerous violations of those rights.

Read this new CETIM report

Planetize the movement!

The killing fields of the coronavirus:

Never before has our interdependence been so crystal clear, and never before have the solutions seemed so difficult and even impossible! Global action is needed, but by whom?

Read the interesting series of articles published by The Great Transition.

COVID-19 and Tax Evasion

Crumbling economies must tackle tax evasion to meet coronavirus crisis, experts warn.

Read the Report from ICIJ, the international consortium of investigative journalists

Softening the blow of the pandemic: will the International Monetary Fund and World Bank make things worse?

The World Bank and the IMF have reacted to the COVID crisis, with loans and conditionality … Several academics have reacted in The Lancet

Statement on Coronavirus Disease

Important statement of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:

The COVID-19 pandemic vividly illustrates the importance of the indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights. This pandemic is essentially a global health threat. However, it has multiple implications for the enjoyment of civil and political rights because some of the measures taken by States to combat it impose severe restrictions on the freedom of movement and other rights.

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World Health Day: Declaration of Social Justice Cluster of Asia Europe People’s Forum

Declaration of the Social Justice Cluster of the Asia Europe People’s Forum on April 7, World Health Day

The Social Justice Cluster calls for the establishment of public and universal health systems, a revaluation of so-called “reproductive” work and taking into account the social health determinants and the real needs of the people

The coronavirus crisis functions as a wake-up call and a warning all over the world, North and South, governments are helpless, health systems are failing, everyone, especially the sick are the victims. Lees verder

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